Regarding reservations of children:

 * If you enter "child" on the search engine, it does not appear in the search results.  "Children" are considered infants at hotels. There are no meal plans, so no child rates are set. Therefore, when booking with a family, please make the reservation with all adults, including children.

 * A school-age child counts as one person (adult).  From 0 years old to preschool age does not count.  However, pillows and towels will not be included.

 * Towel sets can be rented from 500 yen, so please let us know.



2214 Shimokurokoma, Misakachō, Fuefuki-shi,
Yamanashi-ken,  ZIP 406-0812

This view is 45mins drive from Nizi :)


2214 Shimokurokoma Misakacho Fuefuki-shi
Yamanashi-ken, 〒406-0812

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